Why other people find the Alternative Divorce Guide really useful

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    I can honestly say it is my lifeline, and has been for the last three weeks...

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    Loving the box - thank you so much! I’m on the cusp of picking up the phone to arrange some life-coaching which I would never have felt confident to do before...

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    I liked the way things are set out. I like the information – it makes sense. And it is supportive



The support you need is close by - we can guide you where to find it:

Buy the Alternative Divorce Guide
- Spend less on lawyers & leave more for the kids
- Who to talk to - and when
- Personal introductions to experts you want to meet
- Reassurance & support when you need it most

Information is power, and knowing the real choices available can be life-changing for the children, because you understanding those choices can lead to reducing the amount of conflict and cost to the family as a whole.

Your family will be as Happy & Healthy as any other - divorce may be the end of one part of your life, but it is of course the beginning of a brand new life.

Here’s the support and personal guidance you need to map your way through the legal, financial & emotional maze of divorce, including:

  • Realistic options available now so you can avoid decisions you’ll later regret
  • Who to talk to first: a lawyer… mediator… financial expert… life coach
  • Advice on breaking up right – so your kids won’t see you fight
  • How to keep adversarial lawyers from taking over your divorce – and your bank account
  • Ways to safeguard your children from emotional and psychological damage
  • Strategies for protecting, supporting and empowering yourself throughout the entire process